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Musicians, Let’s Build A Fan-Base Not An Audience – Dzasu Blackgod


Your real fans or music lovers are people who gets on well with your music as part of their identity.
Everyone dreams of been around a close gathering where others resonates with the same things they do.

Starting with, you have to create an emotional connection. Get this in mind that, not all your fans are equal. Your fan base can be breakdown into 3 different groups.

• The Sleepers : People who followed you but over time lost the connection.
• Ambassadors :These are people who share your music and spread and spread the words to friends but can’t go to concerts.
• And the most expensive people to get in front of are those likely to spend money on you.

As a musician,be aware of who fits into these categories. Remember we don’t find fans but rather we create them!

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Now follow this few steps to get started with building your fanbase.

√ Never take anyone for granted. All your fans are going to be strangers before they’re fans. Is your job to convert them to fans. Do things that go over and above,show how important your fans are to you.

√ You need to be more human. To bring out music is not easy and the key to success is making people want to listen to your music without anyone forcing them. The way you engage with people on social media is also part of the process of gaining a fanbase. Be more fun and relatable on socials. Just sliding into a person’s DM and asking them to stream your new song is not going to work. No connections, non relationship and no reason for them to buy into your brand.

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√ Post consistently on social media. That’s another way to build your fanbase. People forget easily. If you give them one big swing with a song,they’ll like it and then forget about you if you don’t keep the consistency.

√ Know that numbers aren’t everything. Never think that your number of instagram or facebook like is everything. You could go and buy 10,000 instagram followers right now,but will that really get you?

Everyone love numbers.
You meet someone in music you want to know how many followers they have to see how you match up. Numbers are sometimes great. They show a level of progress that’s definable. But music is not based on numbers.

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√ Play live shows. Simply Just playing old show isn’t enough. You need to always give fans a reason to show up, and smash it with magnetic stage presence when they do.

√ Make Good Music.
Most people forget about this part after they got caught up in marketing their to more fans. But the fact is before you get your music heard,you need to create quality songs. Don’t think that as long as you follow the proper marketing tricks and music industry advice, the music you release doesn’t matter.

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