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“Is Chief One A Ghanaian Voltarian or Togolese? – Mr. Logic asked


In a post made by Sensational Dancehall star and entertainment pundit, Mr. Logic on Facebook, he asked whether Chief One is a Ghanaian or a Togolese because he has seen him waving a Togo Flag.

In addition to his doubt, he also added that he is in love with Chief One’s music and will want to see him go higher.

Elorm Beenie who happens to be Chief One’s Manager answered him in a polite way and also asked him for a collaboration between him Mr. Logic and his artiste, Chief One.

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Mr. Logic also replied saying he is ever ready to work with Chief One.

In his own words he asked;

“I want to ask a question and I need Elorm beenie and CHIEF ONE” to answer US” CHIeF one” My current Favourite Ewe upcoming artiste. IS he a TOGOLESE or a GHANAIAN VOLTARIAN ?? I have seen him Waving and observing a Togolese FLAG, I need answers”

Elorm Beenie also replied saying;

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“Dancehall Dada Mr Logic Music, He’s a Ghanaian 🇬🇭 the waving of the Togolese 🇹🇬 flag was in line with Togo’s Independence Day Celebrations yesterday. He filmed his video “Du Agbe” (Enjoy Life) in Lomé with Kabash Images. Plus, most of the props used in the video were Togolese. It’s just nice and honouring to acknowledge them on their Independence Day, besides Chief One, has fully and duly represented Ghana 🇬🇭 many times with the Black Stars Jersey and even in the “Du Agbe” video he represented Ghana and added Togo 🇹🇬 AND Nigeria 🇳🇬 flags (because of his fast growing fanbase in the neighbouring countries as well). You can have a look at the video here, Dada. Good morning ☀️ https://youtu.be/noe2yfR3h5E

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Below is the full post:

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Source: Ghana Music Web

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