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My husband’s family stole my wedding gifts – Newlywed woman makes a huge allegation


A newlywed woman has shockingly pointed accusing fingers at her inlaws for stealing her wedding gifts.

The young woman who shared her story on a platform on Facebook disclosed that her beautiful wedding took place almost a month ago and while she was leaving her family’s house, her family members gifted her some things.

Amongst the gifts she got included home and kitchen appliances such as a microwave, sewing machine etc.

Per her narration, her mother-in-law decided to store the items for her in her house. However, when she went later to receive the items, they offered some flimsy excuses.

When she asked her mother-in-law, she mentioned that her daughters had come to carry themIn her words: ”Please keep me anonymous. pls I need advise from your fans on what to do now bc I do not want to involve the police yet on this matter. I am bursting with Anger where I am right now. My name is prisca d last born of the family.

I just finished learning work as a tailor. I had my wedding 3weeks ago in the village and my family all came together bought loads of gift as send off.The major gifts are microwave washing machine 2tailoring machines toaster n many other things ppl gave me as gifts. After d wedding, my brothers packed everything in one of the rooms in the village.


I and and my husband travelled bk to porthatcourt. Just last week I called my mother inlaw that i will be Coming home yesterday to carry those stuff. She sounded somehow on the phone but I didn’t suspect anything. I also told her I have already booked for a van

I got bk home yesterday only for me to notice that my sisters inlaw opened the store with d spare key and carried almost all my wedding gifts ooo even the 2 tailoring machines ooo my washing machine. These women are married oo n my mother inlaw is supporting thm saying I should buy another. How?? Bikonu!!

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What kind of a woman takes away the wedding gift of another woman just bc your a wife. What kind of Humiliation and disrespect is this

Not even my mother inlaw nor the chidren called to ask me ist. These are gifts from my own family to me on my special day n These ppl took them all

My husband is the only son n the sec to the last born.i called him immediately and he called his mother. Few minutes later he called thst I should leave it.

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How can I leave my wedding gifts to my inlaws who are married.!!!!!!!

I have rang them all to please send me back all my gifts or I will involve the police.

I don’t care if I lose this marriage bc it’s obvious I’m stepping into hell if my husband can’t fight ds for me.”



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