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Drama As Evangelist Aggressively Confronts Young Girls In Market Over Indecent Dressing (VIDEO)


Sister Kate, an evangelist, made a scene at a market when she saw two young girls dressed indecently and decided to questioned them.

Sister questioned two young women about their dressing in a video that has gone viral on social media and netizens reacting to it massively.

Sister Kate could be seen shouting at the top of her voice as she questioned the girls about why they chose to dress “nak3d” in public.

The evangelist asked the young ladies if they were believers and whether their faith approved of their attire while refusing to give them a chance to breathe.

Watch the video below;


Reacting to the video, Jacob3386 wrote; I like this woman,I would attend her church, there are married men,and men are but flesh surely we get tempted so don’t tempt us 😢

I love this,hehehe , a man won’t marry such,men would surely be attracted,sure sex,but that’s it,not future just short time,and there’s more to life that meets the current stage

officialheroicwriter wrote: @jaco3386 we both know how it is. A lot of things are on women too. It is well sha. Tbvh, what this preacher did is wrong on so many levels. She aggressively chastised those girls, if it were to be me, she go know say i go throway my home trainings. It’s not her call at all… na ment in nigeria here, most things are on women. And sometimes, it’s not a gender thing. It’s people! People are not all good! What the preacher did is fucking wrong, dem for deck am for face. That’s why i trust God, he does things better. Religion is one of our major problems in here! It has sent so many innocent people to early graves. Everything is not religion, sometimes sense has to be applied. Jesus shout on top person head for bible? We all have rights not our opinions but I don’t think we do anymore. Religion has taken that stances and it will be the death of us 📌


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