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5 signs that show your ex regrets dumping you and is miserable


You had a messy breakup and you both parted ways. Mostly, the natural result is that you both move on and find someone that is really good for you.

But after a while or suddenly you start receiving messages or calls from your exes? This should be a sign of something looming.

They are definitely coming for another chance or they feel miserable leaving you. There could be a lot of factors.

But let’s point out some signs that show your ex regrets dumping you and feel miserable:

  • They begin to communicate with you

What’s worst, if they dumped you and all of a sudden they begin to call or send you messages, then, it’s a sign they regret their actions and want a come-back.

  • They talk about the breakup and apologise

When they do that, they want you to stop hurting and entertain them back into your life.

  • They like to discuss good memories

No one gets into a relationship with their enemy. There definitely were good and nice memories you both shared when you were together. When your exes begin to talk about past exciting memories, then that should be a sign that they regret dumping you.

When they assure you that they would never forget those memories, then know that they are up to something.

  • They tell you they miss you and they are still in love with you

This should be a straightforward sign. Who dumps what they miss and love if they don’t want you both to be together?

  • They ask questions about your dating life

Your ex is asking questions about how you are spending your time. If you are dating someone else or not. This is a strong sign that they haven’t stopped or are beginning to be interested again.

Their conversations are always a way that shows if you are still single, available or you’re still interested in them.

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