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Fake Jesus Turns Water To Tea During A Wedding Ceremony (Watch Video)


A man who claimed to be Jesus Christ has turned a water into tea in a viral video.

New details have emerged on the life of Mwalimu Yesu wa Thangole, a man from Bungoma who claims to be the real Jesus Christ and has attracted a huge following by performing ‘miracles’.

According to Mwalimu Yesu, he has divine mission and the name was given to him by God along with some instructions to spread the gospel across the globe.

“I am Jesus Christ. Many ask if I am the real Christ, and I affirm to them that I am…Jesus is not for one country, but he is for the whole world,” he asserted in a recent interview with Afrimax English.

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Mwalimu Yesu has 12 disciples, just like Jesus in the Bible.

His disciples wear robes that cover them from head to toe, and always kneel down and worship Mwalimu Yesu whenever he’s reading the Bible.

His followers claim that Mwalimu Yesu has performed “miracles” more than what the Jewish Jesus did.

“I fully believe this man is Jesus, he heals and delivers,” claimed one follower.

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“Sick people come to this church, and you may think they are so close to death but Jesus always intervenes and they are healed,” added his wife.

Unlike Jesus in the scriptures who never married, Mwalimu Yesu is married with eight children and defends his marital status using Revelations 21:9.

The verse reads: “And there came unto me one of the seven angels which had the seven vials full of the seven last plagues, and talked with me, saying, ‘Come here, I will show you the Lamb’s wife”.


The self-declared Christ claims that it is the “Lamb’s wife” writing in the scriptures that grants him permission to marry and procreate.

Worship at his church is procedural with two different services every Sunday.

The congregants first have to go through a church made of mud with two doors and a window where they remove their shoes and repent before proceeding to the second church, named the holy of holies.

He recently went viral for turning water into tea during a wedding ceremony in Bungoma, Kenya.

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