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I did not get my six packs from the gym, it’s hard labour that gave it to me- Rema


In a humorous manner, Rema has confessed that his impressive six-pack abs, a feature that drives his female followers crazy, were not the result of working out but rather a product of his struggles.

During an interview with Spotify, the musician disclosed that his physically demanding and low-paying jobs were instrumental in sculpting his body.

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He recounted how, during his time in Benin City, Edo state, he used to carry buckets of water. Even in Ghana, while hustling and engaging in strenuous labor, Rema claims that his physique continued to develop.

He stated, “I don’t go to the gym. I’ve always had my body shaped this way, since my days in Benin, fetching water, carrying buckets, even wheelbarrows.”

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Rema humorously added, “When I was in Ghana hustling and doing hard labor, my body was naturally getting ripped. Even on days when I starved, my abs just popped out, like [laughs].”

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