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Ghanaians mercilessly drag and fire Sarkodie and Tracy over comments pinned to be supporting the NPP


A section of angry disappointed Ghanaians have quickly come out to address statements made by Tracy Sarkcess, wife of renowned Ghanaian musician Sarkodie, regarding the ownership and control of Tema Port.

Tracy Sarkcess, whose real name is Tracy Owusu Addo, posted on her X (formerly Twitter) page, asserting that the Ghanaian government’s stake in Tema Port is only 15%.

She further claimed that since 2014, the port has been primarily controlled by French billionaire Vincent Bolloré, who owns 17 other ports across West Africa.

The post included a link for further reading, pointing readers towards more detailed information.

Tracy‘s post stated: “Gov.’s stake in the Tema Port is currently only 15%. We do not have a say in what has happened at our Port since 2014. It is owned by French billionaire Bolloré who owns 17 other ports in West Africa. Read more here: t.ly/KrJBI”

Tracey’s comments quickly gained traction and consequently sparked widespread debate on social media about the implications of foreign ownership on Ghana’s economic sovereignty and control over its key infrastructure.

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According to some social media users, Sarkodie shared the propaganda statement on Tracy’s account.

In response to Tracy’s assertions, some Ghanaians are saying…

@KojoDynamic – It’s not news coming from you. As Sarkodie’s wife, I expect nothing truthful from you. Read below and learn not to fall for your party’s propaganda. The Truth Behind Tema Port and MPS Deal During the last stretch of Former President Jerry Rawlings’s era as President, he made a conscious effort to expand the existing Tema Port to make it a top destination for vessels within the West African Coastline and equally bring in revenue to Ghana. This expansion indeed happened. In the year 2000, the Government changed and the NPP took over in 2001 with Former President Kufuor as the President.

However, around 2004 the NPP government led by Former President Kufuor abandoned the original idea of Jerry Rawlings to expand the Tema Port and formed a Special purpose vehicle in the management of the Tema Port which brought in the Meridian Ports Services(MPS) By the 20-year agreement, the Kufuor-led government went into with MPS, they were tasked to redevelop the Tema port but that didn’t happen.

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The Original 4 berths at the Ports were taken from Ghana Ports and Habour Authority and were handed over to MPS to run. When the NDC won the 2008 elections and took over in 2009, Professor Mills led the Government to notice everything wrong with the deal Kufuor signed with MPS and began looking through to see if the deal could be amended because canceling it would lead to a Judgment debt because the MPS had already made financial contributions at the Port.

Unfortunately, President Mills died in 2012 and in 2013 when President Mahama took over as President, he began the process of reviewing the contracts. The NDC reviewed the Kufuor bad deal which gave all 4 operational berths to the MPS leaving GPHA with none.

In the new deal, MPS was to seek for its own funds to build a new port on the old port extension. Expand the Motorway and other linking roads within Tema and also construct the Maritime Hospital. The Government tasked MPS that after building the new port, they will be made to run 4 of the berths while GPHA will run 4 too, the remaining berths will be put on hold and put to use when necessary. Truly, MPS constructed the New ports and since its operation, they have been paying dividends for GPHA just as the contracts stipulate.

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@YayraKoku – Such an ignorant soul. Go and read more on Build Operate and Transfer. Displaying idiocy on social media


@al_varo777 – Sarkodie thinks we won’t know it’s him


@a_suwari – How can a build, operate and transfer contract be 15% stake? You guys needs to read. You call yourselves intellectuals but you come here and write these things to mislead people

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