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No Bullets Nor Cutlass Could Harm This Thief So He Was Bathed And Injected With Acid Till He Died


A notorious thief named Luke has been murdered by some residents of Wassa Braso following a failed looting operation in the village. The young man according to eyewitnesses was bathed and injected via the anus with acid till he died.

According to an account from residents, the young man was immune to bullets and cutlasses and so they decided to explore other means of breaking his charm so they can harm him. Luke is reported to have stolen a motorbike from Wassa Enyinabrem and was transporting it out of town only to run out of fuel midway in the Braso village.

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He attempted to siphon some fuel from another motorbike he spotted at a cocoa plantation in the village but got caught. He was dragged from the farm to the community to e assaulted by some youth.

The residents initially had wanted to butcher him but the cutlass wouldn’t cut a hair on his skin. It was then they realised the young man was protected by a spell. This provoked them and they drew a gun at him.

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They fired the rifle but the bullets couldn’t penetrate his flesh. In their suspicion that Luke was wrapped with some charm, they undressed him and found a bundle of talismans around his waist. Luke was then tied up in a chain and bathed with acid. Even in that agonizing moment, these ‘heartless’ mob sucked a pile full of acid and injected him through his anus.

One could see the skin of the poor young man tear off. He screamed in pain till died. According to sources, just about a year ago, Luke’s best friend, named Basco was murdered in Bogoso for stealing. They say the two were a dangerous group that had robbed many of their properties.

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It is believed that he was already wanted for some crime and as such the residents were determined t end his life to put an end to these crimes. The police have taken up the case for investigation.
Source: Operanews

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